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Through our partnerships, we can rapidly onboard, customise and scale any of the latest disruptive technologies for improved customer engagement and experiences.

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There is no need to change your business to suit a software solution. Instead, software solutions should be customised to suit your business. The creative process of fulfilling the unique retail technology needs and services of our clients, is what passionately drives us to deliver return on investment (ROI) across three areas: our customers, software and people.

We design a layer of customisation that allows our customers to benefit from economies of scale and a faster turnaround time for project delivery across a range of sectors, including retail and financial software. We are aligned with global industry megatrends such as the internet of things (IoT), big data, mobile, machine learning and other disruptive technologies to service clients across the globe.


Our solutions are trusted by clients to manage processes related to



Financial reporting



Data Warehousing
IT Service Desk
Business Intelligence

Payment Mechanisms

Payment Mechanisms

Debit Orders
Electronic Fund Transfers
Bill Payments



Point of Sale
Customer Service Desk
Time and Attendance



Stock Planning
Property Management
Fleet Management



HR Management
Enterprise Communications


Through our consultative partnership approach, we offer development and support services to manage our own customised software developed, as well as third-party software.

Our dedicated team will proactively provide strong operational support to monitor, reconcile and integrate the entire ecosystem to provide a sustainable return on investment (ROI). This approach allows our clients to focus on their own business strategies and operations so they are able to grow without the hassle of worrying about the right software and services fit to help them maintain connected customer experience excellence.

We offer a complete suite of managed services to third-party software providers in South Africa, as well as to companies abroad, supporting both software packages and custom software applications.

Our managed services include


First and second line support, including call centres and IT service desks


Software and technical support, including root cause analysis


Operations and monitoring


Infrastructure services, including hosting and networking


Software rollout and implementation



At redPanda, on top of the growth-enabling customised software, we also supply our clients with Infrastructure as a service (IAAS).

At redPanda Software, on top of the growth-enabling customised software, we also supply our clients with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

This comprises computer infrastructure on an outsourced basis that includes hardware, storage, servers, data centre space and network components.

We can also host your infrastructure needs - internally or externally - and maintain the equipment to ensure optimal productivity.

The IAAS capabilities extend to the creation, configuration and maintenance of virtual servers and workstations either through our datacentre or through a cloud-based solution.

And the model can be applied to our software solutions as Software as a Solution (SaaS), for services such as Novum and Connected Solution (albeit on a smaller scale). And Platform as a Service (PaaS) which provides automated monitoring on the build platform (for internal hosting only).

Our IaaS solutions run on the Microsoft Azure platform.


redPanda Staffing

At redPanda Software, we have always been focused on identifying and developing the best talent available

At redPanda Software, we have always been focused on identifying and developing the best talent available

Here’s how redPanda
Staffing can assist you:

Better quality candidates due to our industry
knowledge and the resources available to us.

A fast hiring process, because we can immediately tap
into our extensive talent pool.

Lower cost of outsourcing advertising, interviewing, background checking, skills testing, compliance,
payroll, and HR.

Workforce flexibility allows you to increase or
decrease your workforce whenever your
workload calls for it.

Moreover, our “Way to Grow” ethos has always meant keeping our people empowered and engaged as they work within our consultative approach alongside our long-term industry partners and clients.

Over the years of assisting our clients, our expertise in managing talent has developed into a fully-fledged specialist outsourcing service to help our clients with their staffing needs.

Called redPanda Staffing, our clients can focus on what they do best without the additional pressure of developing and designing their own software solutions.

Employing top-quality specialists – be they permanent, part-time, or temporary – is critical to the success of your business.

Employing talent through redPanda Staffing ensures you have access to the best people.


About redPanda Software

At redPanda Software we have a decade of experience in developing customised software for the retail and financial industries.

Working with clients in South Africa, Africa and the UK, we have built our reputation for producing the highest quality solutions across the following specialised business processes. Read more...

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