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redPanda Software continues expansion momentum in the UK

redPanda Software continues expansion momentum in the UK

redPanda Software MyBroadband Friday, 13 April 2018

Winner of the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership in Enterprise Software, redPanda Software is further expanding into the UK retail market – the next step in its global expansion strategy.

“Expanding further into the UK is a proving ground for us,” says Leon Coetzer, redPanda Software UK chief executive officer. “Once we’ve fully established ourselves there, we intend to take on other countries as well, growing the brand into the rest of the world.”

As an enterprise retail software development specialist with a focus on customer experience, redPanda Software proves that a South African company can compete against the best global software developers.

“Two years ago we acquired a UK-based client who provides software and related services to the global retail industry. This has been a very successful account for us, and the natural progression has been for us to acquire new customers there,” says Coetzer.

With operations headquartered in South Africa, redPanda Software has appointed customer-facing representatives in the UK, focusing on account and project management, as well as rolling out bespoke software solutions.

“The engine of the company will remain in Cape Town, but our established structures and processes have allowed us to expand into the UK at a fairly low-cost and low-risk base.”

South Africa is an ideal outsource destination for the UK, since both countries speak the same language, are based in a similar time zone, and have the same business language and culture. With its international outsourcing experience, redPanda Software has the skills and experience to add value to retail markets around the globe.

Connected Solution
Through redPanda Software’s integration platform – Connected Solution – brick and mortar retailers can rival online shopping by gaining access to a host of specialised services – such as using the internet of things (IoT) to track customer engagement and artificial intelligence (AI) for trend analysis.

Through partnerships, redPanda Software can rapidly onboard, customise, and scale any of the latest disruptive and specialised technologies for improved customer engagement and experience

The platform is made specifically for retailers and includes systems built to enable better support and quick onboarding of partners, while addressing operational efficiency, productivity, and marketing feedback needs.

Focusing on growth
“redPanda Software’s ethos and vision focuses on the growth of not only the business, but of our clients as well. As a company that enables retailers to be successful, our solutions provide a sustainable competitive edge to rival any customer experience.

“Our strategy means our customers can focus on growing other aspects of their business without the additional pressure of developing their own software,” concludes Coetzer.

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