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Mobile technology breathing new life into retail and hospitality

Mobile technology breathing new life into retail and hospitality

redPanda Software MyBroadband Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Advances in technology have driven change in the retail and hospitality industry, which has significantly impacted the way in which brick-and-mortar stores operate.

Customers have become accustomed to the benefits of online shopping – faster checkouts, more convenient delivery options and targeted marketing initiatives based on previous purchasing behavior. However, brick-and-mortar retailers can now also unlock the value of these benefits through mobile applications – bringing the customer back into the store.

Recognising that customers are still looking for the in store experience of feeling the products on sale – trying on clothes and gauging product quality –  redPanda Software’s Connected Solution has been architected specifically for retailers to leverage all the advantages of global retail megatrends to enhance the customer experience.

Connected Solution

According to Leon Coetzer, redPanda Software UK Chief Executive Officer, mobile is breathing new life into retail.

“Mobile is perfectly poised to combine all the benefits of a brick-and-mortar shopping experience and an e-commerce shopping experience – giving customers the best of both worlds.”

However, without the right functionality and features to assist with customer experience, a mobile app doesn’t fulfill the desired result. redPanda Software offers retail and hospitality companies the opportunity to offer a rich experience to their customers, using their Connected Solution platform.

Connected Solution brings together professional services and solutions into one simple platform to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. It proactively monitors, reconciles and integrates the retailer’s ecosystem in areas such as customer engagement, operational efficiency, productivity and marketing.

According to a report by SalesForce, 35% of millennial shoppers want the ability to search for merchandise in a physical store using an image, and then receive product recommendations on the spot – instant gratification.

“Connected Solution doesn’t just provide a mobile application, we are able to add products and services to the fold that can unlock even more value,” says Coetzer.

Why choose redPanda Software’s Connected Solution

redPanda Software’s Connection Solution transcends difficulties associated with retailers having multiple outlets and the communication problems that come with a distributed operational environment.

“Over the past few years we’ve found that many clients’ mobile-based ordering has surpassed traditional counter sales.

“And, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a twofold increase in sales – but it will certainly retain existing customers. People prefer to use a mobile device, and for retailers it makes it a lot easier to drive incentives for repeat business and increased sales,” says Coetzer.

If you don’t have a mobile application for your business, you’re probably going to start losing market share to companies that do have one, says Coetzer.

Customers are drawn to convenience and could possibly favour outlets that do have mobile applications.

“One of our clients has measured changes in their brand engagement since using the app, and have seen an increase of 15-times more brand engagement – which they measure through surveys and feedback,” says Coetzer.

“Mobile is on target to surpass ecommerce in the next few years and is becoming very important from a digital strategy point-of-view for retailers.,”

redPanda Software also offers the ability to add or extend services as the retailer’s needs evolve, and has a dedicated team to support and look after the entire ecosystem – so retail or hospitality businesses with brick-and-mortar outlets can offer their customers an improved shopping experience.

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