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Intermediate Java Developer

Java Developer

Cape Town and UK-based redPanda Software is looking to hire experienced core Java developers as it expands its partnership with PCMS in the UK.

redPanda Software is an enterprise retail software development specialist with a focus on customer experience. The company is ideally placed to cater for retailers who want to position themselves competitively, by adding a layer of customisation to their client’s software which caters to both common operational systems and processes as well as client-specific needs.

redPanda Software provides PCMS – a 30-year award-winning provider of world-leading global retail technology and solutions – with expert retail software development services.

Overall purpose of the job:

Modifies, develops, tests and maintains applications. Helps evaluate application systems, processes and requirements, makes changes to those systems and maintains them where necessary.

Key responsibilities:

  • Work as part of a project team to develop and test enterprise-ready business applications in a variety of configurations (e.g. web-based, desktop-based, service-based or scheduled processes). 
  • Help produce brand new solutions, solutions based upon third-party applications, or solutions that interact with existing systems.
  • Is aware of, prepared to learn and follow industry best-practice when developing applications.
  • Use programming languages and tools (generally) around the Java platform.
  • Work with Business Analysts to specify business requirements and help translate these requirements into technical specifications (including Class, Sequence and other UML diagrams).
  • Help Database Developers write efficient and effective database access code.
  • Work with QA Analysts to implement testing plans and write the necessary code to automate testing in line with our Test-Driven Development methodology.
  • Work with customers and project managers to deliver quality, effective software, in line with our Agile Development process.
  • Help diagnose the root causes of systems issues using their problem-solving skills. 
  • Help research and evaluate potential technical solutions to business problems

Personal Attributes / Character traits required for this job

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Good judgement and experience of prioritising and working to tight deadlines.
  • Ability to learn fast and share knowledge, experience and best practices with team mates
  • Willingness to take responsibility and ownership of their work.
  • Empathise with customers and communicate at the appropriate level
  • Appreciation of their position within the wider roles & responsibilities of the DPS community
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Practical approach to problem solving
  • Able to document information and share knowledge with colleagues
  • Follows a structured approach to their work
  • Personal drive to succeed

Education and General Working Experience:

  • Ideally an IT Diploma or related Degree will be an advantage but is not essential
  • Proven Java experience of at least 3 – 5 years of professional Java development experience.
  • Candidates with more or deeper development experience are welcome to apply.
  • Remuneration package will be tailored according to relevant technical experience.
  • Development experience in a Scrum based Agile environment will be an advantage
  • Exposure to BDD/TDD will be a definite advantage
  • Exposure to Enterprise development is a requirement.
  • Exposure to object-oriented design concepts will be an advantage

Technical skills required:

The following represents a list of the technologies the incumbent will be required to operate in. Being proficient in a good deal of these technologies will qualify you to apply for this position as knowledge of the complete stack will be an advantage but is not essential.

Skill Set




Basic JSE API (to v7)


GUI Development (Swing / SWT)


Java 5.0 Language Fundamentals (preferably Java 7)









Logging frameworks (SLF4J, Log4J)




JSP & HTML (incl v5.0)


JSP Custom Tags


JavaScript / AJAX




Caching mechanisms (ehCache)



Web Frameworks (Struts/JSF,PrimeFaces)


Spring (Core, Web, Remoting, Security etc.)


ORM Concepts and Frameworks (Specifically myBatis)



Core Concepts







Core RDBMS Concepts









App Design



Design Patterns (GoF)


Enterprise Patterns


Application Architecture


Technical Architecture



Windows - Desktop & server




App Servers



Websphere (including Admin)


Integration Frameworks (Apache Camel)


General Dev.

Unit Testing Concepts (JUnit, Mockito etc.)




Retail Business Domain Knowledge



Python / Jython


Shell Scripting



Agile - SCRUM




Distributor Source Management Processes



Oracle Entry-Level Java Programmer


Oracle Java Professional Programmer



  • Clean criminal record required
  • Applications will only be considered from RSA Citizens or applicants with permanent resident permits.

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