The Foundations For Growth

in the Bricks and Mortar Retail Space

The Enterprise Retail
Software Development
Specialist with a Focus
on Customer Experience

redPanda Software: The Enterprise Retail Software Development Specialist with a Focus on Customer Experience

As virtually all of our redPanda Software top management share a background in the retail industry, creating enterprise retail software with a focus on customer experience is what excites us most – especially within the bricks and mortar space.

Ever since we started redPanda Software in 2009, our consultative approach has resulted in a track record of long-term partnerships with our clients that is second to none.

It has also resulted in our staff complement – our most significant asset – growing to 140 highly-skilled and highly-valued individuals.

Now that we have grown our international footprint by opening an office in the UK, we are ideally placed to provide a sharp competitive edge to European retailers.

By adding a layer of customisation to our clients’ software, which caters to both operational efficiencies and client-specific needs, we offer distinct advantages to bricks and mortar retail outlets to meet the challenges posed by online competition.

Additionally, through the partnerships we have formed with value-added resellers, we can deliver growth-enabling solutions for retail customers across the globe.

Welcome to the World of redPanda Software; Welcome to a World of Growth.

Here’s A Broad Brush Stroke Of

Our Services And Solutions

Connected Solution

The years of honing our skills by developing customised solutions has led us to create our unique flagship product: an integrated retail platform we call Connected Solution. It is a platform that allows clients to leverage all the advantages of global retail megatrends relating to enhanced customer experience.

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Customised Software Development

Our specialised teams have the expertise, agility and skills to provide the highest quality customised solutions. And, to engage in all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

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END-TO-END Support

redPanda Software’s end-to-end development and support covers all aspects of our customised applications. Our highly-specialised teams are ready and waiting to deliver ongoing support for third-party systems.

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Managed Services

We excel at end-to-end development and support of customised applications to streamline business processes and operations. To achieve this, we offer a host of managed services for a connected customer experience driven retail industry.

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We supply our clients with infrastructure as a service (IAAS). This comprises of computer infrastructure on an outsourced basis that includes hardware, storage, servers and data centre space and network components.

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redPanda Staffing

Other than developing software, we are well-established at growing software development talent. We fully understand the frustrations our clients face. redPanda Staffing is ideally placed as a specialist outsourcing service to assist your company with your staffing needs.

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Our most
significant assets


highly-skilled staff

1 billion rand
worth of transactions have
been processed through
Connected Solution


Excellent Customer Experience

starts with Outstanding Client Relations

Since we first opened our doors in 2009, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy long and mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients. Our philosophy is simple: focus on customising the highest quality software to meet the specific needs of the client. This in turn frees them up to concentrate on doing what they do best and growing their businesses. Our clients, represented here, have all benefited from being able to offer their customers the best integrated experience possible

About redPanda Software

At redPanda Software we have a decade of experience in developing customised software for the retail and financial industries.

Working with clients in South Africa, Africa and the UK, we have built our reputation for producing the highest quality solutions across the following specialised business processes. Read more...

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